Port Canaverals Only

Mobility Scooter Rentals  




   Mobility Scooters Available

Limited walking on your embarkation and disembarking.

We make cruising easier for travelers with mobility needs.

 With delivery of your mobility scooter 

directly to you at the terminal entrance,

 Not left in your stateroom.

  • Spit Fire Scout Mobility scooter
    Spitfire Scout 3
  • Spitfire EX mobility scooter
Spit Fire Scout Mobility scooter
Spitfire Scout 3


Spitfire Scout

Nightly Rates

*These scooters are good for all Cruise Lines staterooms 

3 Nights-$116

 4 Nights-$149

5 Nights-$180

6 Nights-$205

7 Nights-$230

8 Nights-$250

Free Delivery

to and from all 

Port Canaveral 

Cruise Ships





 300-lbs weight capacity to support most body frames  

  • 42.5” in length
  • 20.5” in
  • width
  • Up to 18 Mile range with all new extended Batteries(Range dependent upon rider weight, the terrain and grade.)
  • 45.5" Tight turning radius
  • 4.25 Mph maximum speed
  • 2.5” ground clearance for maneuvering over slight obstacles
  • Flat-free, non-marking tires and anti-tip wheels make for a worry-free ride.

*These scooters will fit Disney,Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line standard staterooms and all other Cruise Lines wheelchair accessible staterooms

3 Nights-$130

4 Nights-$164

5 Nights-$195

6 Nights-$220

7 Nights-$245

8 Nights-$265

Free Delivery

to and from all 

Port Canaveral 

Cruise Ships

3-Wheel Scooter

400 lbs Weight capacity to support most body frames   

  • 22.25 in width
  • 45.25 in length
  • Up to 16 mile Range with U-1 batteries (Miles dependent upon rider weight, the terrain and grade.)
  • 42" Tight turning radius
  • 5.25 Mph maximum speed
  • 3" Ground clearance for maneuvering over slight obstacles.
  • 3.5" x 10" Solid tires



Passenger scooters must be stored and batteries recharged in your stateroom. Due to safety considerations, wheelchairs and scooters cannot be stored in the corridors. Your personal scooter should be able to fit in a standard stateroom with a 21" entry doorway. If your scooter is larger than 21", you must purchase a modified stateroom or rent a smaller scooter.

Royal Caribbean International: Assistive devices should fit through a standard stateroom entry doorway which is at least 23 inches wide. We offer accessible staterooms which have wider doors which are at least 32 inches wide and may accommodate larger devices.

Norwegian: Motorized wheelchairs and scooters are allowed in our accessible staterooms provided that they are powered by gel-cell batteries and the chargers must be adaptable to 110 volts. Should you choose a stateroom that has not been designated as accessible, you will need to bring a collapsible wheelchair, or if you have a motorized wheelchair or scooter, the width must not exceed 26 inches to enter the stateroom door. All scooters and wheelchairs MUST be stored in the stateroom. Due to the safety and escape way requirements established by SOLAS regulations, they cannot be stored in the hallways, stairways, or any other public area.

Disney Cruise Line: 

Wheelchairs and Other Personal Mobility Equipment

You may wish to consider booking a wheelchair accessible stateroom, which has a 32-inch entrance door and features a wider path of travel inside the stateroom. Typical staterooms have a narrower entrance door (23 inches) and may not have the interior space to accommodate mobility equipment.

Please note the following regarding the use of wheelchairs and mobility devices on Disney Cruise Line:You must provide your own wheelchair or other mobility aid or arrange for the rental, delivery and pickup of that device to and from the ship on your own.

Due to safety regulations, wheelchairs, scooters  may not be stored in public passageways and must be stored inside staterooms or a designated public storage area.